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 We are able to collect the following recyclable materials:


  • Plastics 1-7.  Washed, not squashed and lids off.

  • Steel tins and aluminium cans.  Washed.

  • Clean aluminium foil.

  • Glass bottles and jars.  Washed with the lids off.

  • Clean paper and cardboard.  For example office paper, magazines, newspaper, egg cartons, cereal boxes, envelopes. 

  • Select clients may  have  other  materials  collected, this is by arrangement  with Smart Environmental Ltd

































What happens to our Recycling?

The example in the diagram below displays the process flow for plastics recycling.




Step1: Plastics are collected from kerbside and  sorted at the maerial recovery facility.


Step2: Once sorted the plastic is squashed tightly into bales and transported to a reprocessing factory where the plastic is cut up into small 

              flakes about the size of a colourful paper clip. The flakes are washed to remove any dirt and labels and then they are dried.


Step3: Flakes are broken down into smaller pellets/fibres


Step4: The clean plastic flakes are then sent to factories where they are melted down and made into new items such as fiber which can be



Step5: Recycled plastic can be made into all sorts of new products including outdoor furniture, promotional key rings, photo frames, drain 

              pipes and even fashion clothing.

Plastic recycling flow


Step 1:

Recycling in Rotorua  is collected in a crate from the kerbside. Glass is stored  in one  crate and is not mixed  with other  recycling



The  collector  separates the  glass by colour at kerbside , and the glass is  kept separate in  separate storage bays in the recycling truck



When the truck is full, the  colour sorted glass is dropped off to the glass storage bunkers and then sent on to O-I glass, to be turned back into bottles.


Paper &  Cardboard

Step 1:

Paper comes in many  grades. In our region we collect mixed paper which  includes -newpapers, magazines, tissues, office paper and general stationary etc.



Paper is then baled and on sold to recyclers all over the globe



Paper is resorted by grade and then cleaned /pulped and turned back in to Paper products.


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